Joan Wendland

Praise for Alice in Corporateland

"I absolutely loved it!  Joan's clever twist on Lewis Carroll's classic is not only wildly entertaining and just plain fun, but thought-provoking as well.  I found myself laughing at the absurdity of Alice's situations and at the same time crying (figuratively speaking) at the realization that it wasn't too far-fetched from today's business environment.  It was so well-written and her voice rang out clear and loud with a message that should most certainly be heard."

Lise Marinelli

Author of "Falling from the Moon"

President, Windy City Publishers


Five Star Rating on Barnes and Noble:

Entertaining piece of satire. The characters remind me of co-workers who did everything but get the business done. Takes the humour of Dilbert a step further, tumbling down the rabbit hole. A good read to take one's mind off work, or perhaps a way to chuckle at work as you relate Wendland's fantasy to your own workplace.

By Nomdeplume


 "Alice traded a Cinderella glass slipper for tough corporate shoe leather and got a prince of a satire."

Adminstrative Assistant to His HIghness of Corporateland

Name with held for obvious reasons.


"Breaking news for anyone out of work, unemployed or out sourced: your job has been transferred to a contemporary version of Wonderland in author Joan Wendland's book. Drop down the rabbit-hole into a paper pit to re-apply. If you want to rise on the corporate ladder, be prepared to contend with all those critters over your head keeping you down. If you can't wake up soon (and you can't!),you'll never get back home in time for your next job interview, especially with the Duchess of Downsteepysizing demanding "off with her head."

In these pages you'll find the corporate job of your worst nightmares. This is biting, funny and satirical."


Paul Davids

Producer/Writer/ Director 


 "I'm reminded of my time in my own Corporateland. This provides entertaining comic relief but makes edgy points on the absurdity of seemingly intelligent business practices. Satire with a bite on job layoffs and unemployment."

Bonnie Norris, HR Specialist with a Fortune 500 Company (company name withheld by request)

"Joan's treatment of the corporate workplace is humorous with a nice satirical touch and brings to mind what was said of Jonathan Swift when he peeled back the pomposity and self importance of his peers in 17 th century England: he provided the reader with the "shock of  recognition."

Alice in Corporateland is a delightfully thoughtful read and would be a provocative addition to any corporate training curriculum."

Bob Hendricks

Retired Executive



Praise for Let's Fall in Love 'til Wednesday


This book is for all who ever told themselves that one shot at love was enough -- and then lived to change their minds. So what's wrong with throwing caution to the wind and trying a second time, as long as you make sure you just fall in love until Wednesday? Joan Wendland, the author of the acclaimed satirical novel, Alice in Corporateland, proves that passion wasn't invented just for those under 30 or 40.  The fact is, Meryl Streep, who's been around FOREVER, let an old flame into her life on her own private Greek island in MAMA MIA, so Joan Wendland now defends the rights of all middle-aged women to dance on sandy beaches and steal a kiss at sunset. She hits above the belt, somewhere right around the heart, in this poignant and bittersweet romance set against the scenic splendor of northeastern Canada.  


Paul Davids



..."I loved your book.  It's honest. It's a love story I can believe in."

Victoria Frigo

Co-Author of You Can Help Someone Who's Grieving


"...The landscapes, seascapes, family situations and romantic interludes felt like a cozy quilt. Your playful writing didn't overshadow the rare quality of maturity and candidness. Remembrances of the past didn't run into sentimentality or blame. I thoroughtly enjoyed your emotionally colorful and visually graphic story. Your narative drive, metaphors, imagery and ironic situations swept me along 'til Wednesday."

Jim Brancaleone

Author of Man with a Broken Heart


Treat yourself to a lyrical journey through Newfoundland as Kate discovers falling in love until Wednesday can be a liberating experience. ....a nice combination of a romance and travel log. ... Characters were interesting and cute (especially her aunt) and Kate's self revelations were marvelous.


Maris Soule

Award winning author of romances and mysteries


 "What I liked best was the voice of the heroine.  She is smart and funny without being a 'wiseacre' and you deal with sentiment and the sex in a real, moving,  but not sentimental way...which is all handled with restraint. Hard to do! The family relationships also ring true."

Broeck Wahl Blumberg

Montclair, New Jersey


"It warmed and tickled me. Yours is a book to share with others  who need a vaccination of hope.  So much soul, yours and the other characters, is woven into the story, that a reader would be shattered to be told that it never really happened."

Joy Andrews

Lawton, Michigan